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Self Portrait Studio Lovin'

Please let there be lace and truckloads of sparkles and endless amounts of pretty looking pumps and all those sweet things that make a girl’s life just that tad bit more interesting… but foremost… please let...


Fashion news

The Kirilove/McCartney saga continues

I have a fashion disorder, it’s official and I might need some rehab… there, I said it! I feel enlightened now as admitting your problem is part of the solution, no? So I manage to contain myself for weeks just for...


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Kirilove featuring AngryBear

I love all things Belgian and am certainly proud about the talent our little country produces… Exemplar below was conceived by Musketon and has my heart going boom boom. Ladies & gents, may I introduce you to...


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Kiriloving Margiela with H&M

Probably not the easiest collab to hit stores but for sure a must as it’s an entire arsenal of fashion history you’ll be introducing into your closet. Call it nostalgia, absolute fashion addiction or a bit of...


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The Pocahontas in me

I'm pretty much sure I've already mentioned the fact that I spent half of my teenager life being hollered at as Pocahontas, so I thought I'd give the memory of my beloved Indian name a proper place on this blog with...


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The leather Duchene skinny pants

Every lady needs a pair of perfect leather pants in her wardrobe and the quest for the ideal exemplar has finally come to an end. Over the past few years I've tried on every pair that has crossed my path and after a while I...


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All washed out... dressing on shitty days

Ohh dear Marni, can you stop making irresistible stuff...  We're back to colder days, but I still had a couple of pics of an outfit I sported last week... There's always days you just don't know what to wear...


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Kirilove Marni at H&M: the brocade skirt

To tell you the truth... I haven't really figured out what my favourite Marni at H&M item is, as I love them all and certainly the brocade skirt. Once more this still to be iconic piece proves to be combinable in many...


Fashion news

Kirilove teams up with Marni for H&M + GOLDEN TICKET

I'm hyperventilating and going totally banana's as the Marni for H&M collection is about to hit stores.... and ladies I can assure you, you're gonna love every piece of it! I've had the entire collection in...


Fashion news

The Brocade Skirt Connection

Just before I dash off to New York for some brief fashion week galore, let me share my love for brocade with you... Let's just start by concluding that the Trend department of H&M is utter danger zone, it has me...


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