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3 Suisses gooit het roer om

Naar Parijs gaan voor je werk om er een nieuwe kledingcollectie te bewonderen, ik kan heus wel wat ergere dingen bedenken hoor … En dan zeggen ze dat een bureaujob saai is … Hell not! Dank je wel, 3 Suisses, want...


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LN|Knits goes pop-up

Wij zijn in blijde verwachting - please don’t take that literally - want er is geen betere manier om de zomer te beginnen dan met een summer pop-up. En toen we lazen dat het LN Knits is die een pop-up zal openen,...


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Back on the flared jeans track...

I’m in love with yet another label, but this time it’s actually one that I can afford. Introducing By TiMo a very interesting combination of bohemian chic and Scandinavian minimalism. By Ti Mo was conceived in...


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Wearing summer at your feet

De schoen die ademt ... yep you know, we hebben het over Geox. En als je weet dat de zomer er aan komt, is het tijd om ook je schoenenkast van boven tot onder, van links naar rechts helemaal uit te mesten en te...



Win een broche van About a Brooch!

Broches alleen voor ouderwetse oma's? Don't think so! De broche is weer he-le-maal terug in ons accessoirekastje en Belmodo spotte dan ook een gloednieuw merk dat je niet mag missen. Get ready! About a Brooch is een one...


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Addicted to Céline & Audrey…

"Wie zijn Céline & Audrey?" hoor ik jullie al denken, allow me to explain ...  Céline verwijst simpelweg naar Céline Paris. Juist ja, hét merk. Want it all.  Audrey verwijst...


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Meet Noé, the Louis Vuitton icon

Noé, 1 van de oudste telgen van de Louis Vuitton familie, maakt een comeback en dat zullen we geweten hebben... We kennen de stroptas het beste in zijn traditionele monogramjasje. Leuk weetje: de tas werd oorspronkelijk...


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Een hemel van accessoires

Hey Belmodo angels, het Italiaanse merk Liu Jo presenteert haar uitgebreide SS2014 collectie accessoires & shoenen. Welcome to accessory heaven.  Felgekleurde accessoires en sunny dagen zijn de perfecte...


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Fiona Paxton in Belgium

Eindelijk is het most-wanted juwelenmerk uit het hippe East-London ook in België verkrijgbaar. Niet alleen Kate Moss, Rihanna én Miley Cyrus, maar ook wij kunnen nu de unieke bling bling van Fiona Paxton kopen....


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California Dreaming & Seattle Grunge

Ben jij net als ons zo ongeduldig aan het wachten tot de lente begint? Luckily for us zijn er genoeg zomerse SS2014 collecties die ons doen dagdromen en de winterse blues wegjagen. Zoals deze leuke New Look campagne. When...


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Le Paris de Clio Goldbrenner

True story: I’ve visited Paris more times than I can recall on a numerous amount of press trips. Fact: I love this city and despite my love for it I never seem to manage to explore enough of it, press trips and...


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Kiriloving the Diesel accessories collection

Accessories run the world, there’s no use of contradicting that, as over the past few years, accessories have become the key to perfectly styled outfits. Accessories not only define your look, but they also reflect your...


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What Tiany would like to have for X-mas 2013

Fact: aan mijn verlanglijstje lijkt maar geen einde te komen en ondanks mijn jaarlijkse pogingen om via Belmodo vrienden en familie duidelijk een beeld te geven van wat mijn hartje begeert lijkt mijn wishlist niet korter te...


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Chiara Ferragni strikes again with jewelry line

Is the woman mad or so? Don't know but she appears to be hotter than ever and we couldn't agree more ... Ik heb al een aantal keer de kans gehad om de mooie Blonde Salade in real life te ontmoeten en honestly ik kan er...


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Paint it Black

It’s over and out with sporting bare legs as Belgian weather has shifted into winter mode for good. I’m terrible when it comes to tights and pretty much hate their itchy feeling, but I no longer have a choice,...


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Checkmate & the perfect trousers

It seems ages ago and I still have some great shots of my adventures in Paris and my “wear-abouts”. I’m currently crushing on all things high waisted and not so long ago I managed to find the perfect pair of...


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Breakfast at Tiffany's

It’s always been a real pleasure to be able to meet you guys, the people that follow me and read me on a daily or weekly base. It’s even a bigger pleasure to be able to treat you to unforgettable experiences like...




De naam Mercken noem je in 1 adem met exclusive & luxury men's wear! Na shops in Hasselt en Antwerpen, is er ook een vestiging op de Brusselse Waterloolaan. De winkel eats & breaths luxe en high end...


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The Dolce & Gabbana stars aligned

We may not be the biggest country in Europe, but trust, me have more square meters of fashion goodness than the average Avenue Montaigne… Did I just say that? Well yes, and I strongly believe I’m darn right about...


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Kiriloving Minju Kim for H&M

H&M never ever ceases to disappoint. So while most of us - including me - are totally looking forward to the Isabel Marant collab that will hit stores very soon, I have been drooling all over the exciting capsule...


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Win an exclusive Breakfast at Tiffany's

In a past blogpost, I told you all about the very stylish Tiffany Atlas collection that has been spotted on the lovely likes of international super bloggers like Jessica Stein, Aimee Song and Chiara Ferragni. Well,...


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What's in my Michael Kors Selma Bag

Michael Kors stole my heart when he launched his now very iconic Selma Bag, which is like the perfect designer bag for fashionable ladies on a budget as it’s wallet-friendly priced but still totally chic. In the meantime,...


Cult update

Festival hair accessories

Krijg jij ook een hippiegevoel wanneer je het gras ruikt op de festivalweide? Wanneer je de diepe bass voelt in je lichaam en er weer een festivalbandje pronkt rond je pols?So do I! I want to be a punk rocker, with flowers in...


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Club Monaco & the sea...

I’m a Belgian seaside fan and practically spend every weekend in the beautiful city of Knokke. I grew up in Maracaibo - Venezuela and had my weekly dives in “el Lago de Maracaibo”. In my head I had the most...


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Vip Flap: De portefeuille 2.0

Het Italiaanse merk van compacte portefeuilles en card holders, Vip Flap bestaat pas sinds 2010, maar heeft in die 3 jaar toch al een sterk imago opgebouwd.  Het label kiest er bewust voor om zijn producten enkel via...


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Kiriloves DIOR

I love my job and am constantly very grateful for what the heavens have decided to grant me both on terms of my professional and personal life. I’ve been receiving all these amazing invitations lately and meeting a bunch...


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Kirilove on Shorts or do we say Skorts?

I’m no longer 3 x 7 and my legs are far from Büdchen material, but we live in a free country and I’ve been working my booty off with all these “get great legs & a gorgeous beach bum in 10...


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Spotted: Sylvia Toledano

Alweer een merk dat ons fashion heart sneller doet slaan! Deze keer hebben we het over fabulous Sylvia Toledano... De Française kreeg haar mode-opleiding aan Studio Berçot in Parijs, maar...


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From Dodo with Love!

“It’s all about Love: for nature, for humankind, for yourself and each other.” It’s also that overwhelming love & respect for nature that triggered the naming of Pomellato’s playful and full of...


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Monochromatic Me

I’m a total fashion trends whore, how’s that for a statement! If Miuccia decides goofy looking Geisha shoes are the next big thing, then I’ll wear them. If Anna Dello Russo promotes wildlife on her head,...


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Some Sugar For Your Closet

Let it be clear... I love to support young talent and try to do this in each and every possible way... one of these 'ways’ is writing about them, but that doesn’t pay their bills, so investing in them -when...


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All the pretty Firenze4Ever memories & introducing Halaby

It has been 5 months ever since my Firenze 4 Ever experience at the magnificent high end boutique Luisa Via Roma, which by the way has this great online shop with all year round free deliveries. I had a great 4 days stay in...


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Dream 3478: project C.H.A.N.E.L

Let's classify it as dream 3478, as I often seem to have the wildest of dreams about the craziest and most ridiculously expensive things. Once more, working in fashion makes you greedy and makes you want all these things...


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In HIS jacket: Margiela with H&M

It's the after the storm and guess what? H&M once again managed to make even the more conceptual likes of the niche Margiela designs a hit amongst their customers. A week after the launch and the Brussels branch of...


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The Ultimate Fashion Shower: Adr at H&M

I have another fabulous fashion adventure to add to my repertoire and this one I will not quickly forget. As a matter of fact, let me hereby state that H&M just knows how to throw a party and that every single experience...


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The ADR at H&M Files: Kirilovus-Artemis

So you thought that the ADR at H&M collection would be to too outrageous for you, well then think again as lady Anna managed to design a collection versatile all the way. Once more I flirt with another personality and...


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The ADR at H&M Files: bring on the Homie K

Aight, so you catchin' the flava of this wicked collection?   I'm down and diggin' the bling of the hella cool fash goddess, lady Anna Dello Russo. She's a dime ya know and very soon she'll be all mine....


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The ADR at H&M Files: La Kirilova

H&M keeps surprising with all its amazing collabs and designer collections. We’re all in great expectations and looking forward to the looks of the Martin Margiela for H&M and I wouldn’t be me if I...



Essentiel Accessories

Het mag gezegd worden, Essentiel heeft al een enorm parcours afgelegd. In enkele jaren tijd van een T-shirt lijn naar een volwaardige collectie met luxueuze materialen en coupes, naar verscheidene shops in ons thuisland maar...


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Introducing Neha Joyas

A while ago I met this lovely Mexican lady Kathia via Twitter, we started chatting and that's how I Iearned about her amazing creations with her fellow partner in crime Marian. Let me introduce you to some lovely bling from...


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The Delvaux crush

I'm sorry to become kind of repetitive, but I have fallen again head over heels for yet another magnificent bag! I have this crazy designer bag addiction that started years ago with the purchase of my very first Tod’s...


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Not your usual Speedy by Louis Vuitton

There are certain iconic bags that just belong in every girl's closet and according to me, one om them is the Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram. I most of the time don't tend to fall for really visible branding but this bag...


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Need your help: Mon Monogram Speedy

Guys, I need your help… I’ve decided that the moment has arrived... I finally find myself mature enogh to buy one of the most legendary classics ever. I’ve made up my mind and yes, I’m intending to very...


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Heart gone wild for Olympia Le Tan

You might have already noticed that a vast majority of the fashion pack is often spotted sporting the most intriguing little books ever… Come again, you say, why the heck carry a book around?  I hear you...


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Kirilove Marni at H&M: the pyjamas lovin' sequel

I'm just the kind of sucker for any mayor trend that appears on the radar and I guess the pyjama lovin' one is not an exception... so here I am sporting the lovely pyjama ensemble by Marni at H&M which is 100 % silk...


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H&M primeur exclusief op Belmodo.tv

Oh My Marni! I am so happy to announce that H&M will do its next fashion collaboration with the Italian brand Marni! I've been in love with this brand for ages and now finally there will be no more excuses not to buy...


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Accessories on a lovely budget

You don't  need loads of money to look good in clothes. I trully hope we share the same philosophy when it comes to that as I'm a big fan of mainstream shops such as H&M, Zara, COS and Mango and as it is the...


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Spring/Summer11 accessoires: wishlist!

Accessoires maken of kraken je hele outfit. Daarom ben ik altijd op zoek naar de allermooiste stuks, jammer genoeg heb ik blijkbaar een dure smaak. Gelukkig is een legertje designers van grote ketens al lang bezig de meest...


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Love at first sight: Fendi SS11 accessories!

Karl Lagerfeld maakte voor Fendi's SS11 collectie waanzinnige accessoires als je het mij vraagt. Prachtige kleuren, simpele lijnen: gewoon perfect! Jammer dat ze ook ongelooflijk duur zijn en dus nooit in mijn garderobe zullen...



Rosier 41

Vintage design freaks aller landen, verenigt u! Vlakbij het Mechelseplein in Antwerpen vind je sinds augustus deze nieuwe designer heaven, mét smakelijke prijsjes. Rosier 41 is het nieuwe project van Viviane Van Werelyckhuysen,...



United Nude

United Nude is one of our absolute favourite shops in Amsterdam. Niet alleen voor de fantastische schoenen, maar ook voor het design van de shop, dat van de hand is van Rem D Koolhaas. Al ben ik er nog niet uit of Rem D...




   www.flavourites.nl Voor wie nog maar net kennis maakt met de wondere wereld van het webshoppen en niet direct weet waar je alles kan vinden raden wij een bezoekje aan  www.flavourites.nl, deze supergezellige...


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