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What Tiany would like to have for X-MAS 2014

Zoals gewoonlijk ben ik weer allesbehalve klaar voor de feestdagen, moet ik weer last minute van hier naar daar crossen voor de nodige kerstcadeaus en een of ander menu op tijd uit mijn mouw zien te toveren ... Obsessive...


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The Kirilove Bling Thing

I’m a total magpie - how many times have I already said that? Proof of my total bling addiction culminates in this one pair of jeans (which at once is a total work-out, because of its weight… talking about...


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Lost 'n Found

Every blogger is entitled to a “Lost n’ Found” post, which in my case pretty much means that it was always on my mind, but that a lack of time delayed the entire process of posting. As you may or may not know,...


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Newsflash: Tiany's eigen schoenencollectie!

We have Summer sweet news, ladies! Miss Tiany did it again en dan nog wel met het Belgische merk Lolo The ballerina. We weten al langer dan vandaag dat lady T. een boontje heeft voor Belgische fashion designers en daar...


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Genieten van de kleine dingen in het leven. Daar worden we misschien nog het meest gelukkig van. That’s the spirit van UGG Australia and we like it! Na de lancering van de 1ste wereldwijde campagne...


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The Smets x Kenzo love affair

There’s no use in trying to hide my great affection for fashion heaven Smets, which is according to me the most on trend and distinguished shop in the near surroundings of Belgium. Their selection of clothes and...


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Tiny in New York

I survived 3 fashion metropolises in the past couple of weeks, travelled with less than 24 kilograms of luggage each time and totally refrained from shopping… I kid you not! I have worn quite some outfits, all...


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Kiriloves Elle Belgium

My days of 24/7 hanging around with family and friends have almost come to an end and to be honest, I’m gonna suffer again of not having the mini's and my hubby around me all the time. I know I’ll have to go...


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