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The Brocade skirt

Ok, so this season we'll be needing some opulent tissues... fine by me as I totally dig glitters, gold and a certain degree of brocade. So when I bumped into this pretty Essentiel skirt, I fell totally in love with it and...


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Ray of Light

In between all those nasty little clouds, every now and then the sun seems to push through and bring on just a lovely ray of light... I could not help noticing it, which I pretty much blame on the fact of our desperate need for...


Fashion news

The Surface 2 Air wedges

I'm not quite sure when Parisian-brand-to-adore    Surface 2 Air started making it's wedges, but the truth is I've been adoring them for ages. The first time I spotted them was on the S2A online shop, I didn't even...


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Obsessed with kimono's

I guess I've had a lifetime obsession with kimono's, perhaps I used to be wrapped in silky exemplars during one or another Ming Dynasty. I somehow find myself desperately searching the net and hunting down second hand stores...


Fashion news

The Indi Print Obsession

I'm a true sucker for all things prints and I've had this obsession with traditional Indi prints for ages. Last season I fell completely in love with the Opening Ceremony vs Pendleton collection, but guess I didn't bump into...


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