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Shourouk voor Swarovski met Secret Treasures

Sometimes a girl needs to surprise herself with a little bling en laat het nu net een toeval zijn dat de nieuwe ‘Secret Treasures’ collectie van Swarovski binnenkort in de winkel ligt. De najaarslijn is...


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Monochromatic Kirilove & my Sportmax fixation

There are certain brands that are totally present in our heads but somehow don’t always manage to surface once you start talking about favorites… For example: Sportmax, the fashion sister of the iconic Italian Max...


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Kirilove in Motion: the Prints gone wild diaries

When exactly can you speak of a print overload in a world where “mix & match” has become common language? I for example have grown extremely fond of the art of combining prints and find myself experimenting...


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Winter Lilacs...

Brighten up! So apparently we survived the end of the world and the good news besides that is the fact that days will be getting longer from now on… A new year is on its way, which means 365 days full of new...


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Monochromatic Me

I’m a total fashion trends whore, how’s that for a statement! If Miuccia decides goofy looking Geisha shoes are the next big thing, then I’ll wear them. If Anna Dello Russo promotes wildlife on her head,...


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Some Sugar For Your Closet

Let it be clear... I love to support young talent and try to do this in each and every possible way... one of these 'ways’ is writing about them, but that doesn’t pay their bills, so investing in them -when...


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Introducing: Shourouk

Let me just introduce you to one of those amazing intergalactic finds I've been craving for a while now... Shourouk! The accessory brand has been on my radar for a while and how could it not be with it's vast selection...


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