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There are not enough ways to emphasize my big love for Belgian brand Filles A Papa… And over the past years I’ve worn 1 or more of their designs during probably every fashion week, as I totally love to promote our...


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The black addiction continued...

I told you earlier this year that my dearest Evangelie aka Style Heroine introduced me to my long gone love for black and ever since I’ve been sporting total black looks on an occasional base. This has resulted in...


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Lady Kirilove

I like ladylike and elegant, certainly when I see it on the likes of style icons & street style sweethearts such as the Italian Eleonora Carisi, who is according to me the epitome of femininity. I from my side often end up...


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The Smets x Kenzo love affair

There’s no use in trying to hide my great affection for fashion heaven Smets, which is according to me the most on trend and distinguished shop in the near surroundings of Belgium. Their selection of clothes and...


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More is Love...

On this Tuesday, I decide to introduce you to one of my current favorite online web shops… ENTER More is Love. Not only because they stock absolutely fabulous and original brands such as Tata Naka, Crystalline, David...


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Tiny in New York

I survived 3 fashion metropolises in the past couple of weeks, travelled with less than 24 kilograms of luggage each time and totally refrained from shopping… I kid you not! I have worn quite some outfits, all...


Cult update

South Africa Diaries

There’s something about South Africa that will forever remain alive in my mind. I can’t really describe the feeling…I can only say that I have finally found a place where I want to grow old; take it as my...


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I like colors FULL STOP! Always have and even though I’m currently going through a black phase, I still tend to stay in touch with the bright side of myself. Especially when retro silhouettes are involved, which pretty...


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Discovering Secret Places by Louis Vuitton

Every once in a while a girl gets lucky as Louis Vuitton decides to invite her to the very source where magic happens and the prettiest and most desirable creations are conceived. To insiders it’s known as the so-called...


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Kiriloves Elle Belgium

My days of 24/7 hanging around with family and friends have almost come to an end and to be honest, I’m gonna suffer again of not having the mini's and my hubby around me all the time. I know I’ll have to go...


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Greek Goddess allures

Every once in a while a dash of elegance & glamour is required … don’t you think? Inspired by the classy beauty of the Haute Couture shows in Paris I decided to dedicate this post to this beautiful By Malene...


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Back 2 Black

True, I’m a color lovin’ lady, but this Dodo Bar Or black leather ensemble had me drooling from the minute I caught sight of it. The amounts of compliments that succeeded from my black leather adventures were...


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