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Fashion Weeks

Dries and his magical feathers...

Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and going into VISA overkill every little once in a while is just one of those things us females are destined to do. It was the winter of 2013 (seems like ages ago)...


Fashion Weeks

The dog days are over!

There’s a reason I skipped New York and that pretty much has to do with the nauseas I’m having because of the little munchkin inside of me. I also have to admit that I’ve been dead tired and thus pulling...


Fashion Weeks


I love overcoats; in fact I love layers and just adore the way overcoats make your outfit look totally complete while keeping you warm. This pretty coat is one of the many I own, alongside a vast collection of blazers and...


Fashion news

Kiriloves Natan Couture

Those of you that have been following me for a while know that I have an affinity for our Belgian talents and that I always commit to wearing something Made in Belgium during my Fashion Week escapades. Our little country is...


Fashion news


Long frocks are my current fashion crush! Not only because they’re elegant and ultra feminine, but also because in the end they’re also comfy and wearable with both flats and stiletto heels. They’re also...


Fashion news

There’s something about Dorothee…

Some encounters and experiences are highly remarkable and make their way to your fashionista heart to stay there forever. It’s been three weeks now (sorry, time flies) since I was invited to Berlin to attend the Dorothee...


Fashion news

Kirilove by Lolo

Een paar maanden geleden mocht ik met een big smile in deze newsflash aankondigen dat ik een schoenencollectie ging maken met Lolo The Ballerina. My precious zijn nu bijna te koop! I’m as happy as I can be. Ik heb...


Fashion news

When in Berlin: meet your friends!

It’s been a while indeed, but after my sun-kissed holidays in Costa Rica I ended up in a state of hibernation. Perhaps I’ve been in denial ever since and not wanting to give in to the fact the layers of clothes...


Fashion news

Schatten jagen op designer-vintage.com

We zijn zot op vintage designer stuff, maar het is soms moeilijk om een goed vintage exemplaar op de kop te tikken. Designer-vintage.com is er om ons te redden uit hoge nood. Je kan er designerstukken kopen, maar ook...


Fashion news

It's just a little crush

Dear Stella Jean, To you I dedicate this love letter from the heart as you have stolen mine with your pretty looking creations made out of African Wax, undoubtedly my favorite fabric. I’m not quite sure of the exact date...


Fashion news

Orient Express

I’m obsessed with all things KIMONO or Asian inspired, always have and always will be. Who knows where that fascination came from… perhaps I was some kind of Geisha in some other past life. I possess this quite...


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