Enza Costa skirts are made for twirling...

Door Tiany op 06/09/12

Meet my Enza Costa skirt... extremely long, floaty, elegant and in many ways addictive as it's combinable in approximately 1001 ways. You put it on and instant happiness overwhelms you, which pretty much of time results in ecstatic twirling activity... 

The lovely Zanita, whom I met during my adventures in Firenze and Firenze 4 Ever, took these amazing pics. This lady is one of the exciting blogsters of the Australian Felt collective (check our report on Tuula), she's not only extremely beautiful but also talented and has this given to make things and certainly people look prettier with just a click of her cam. She travelled all over Europe during the past months and visited our little Belgium twice, on one of those occasions she shot these pics and on the other we worked together on a lovely project that is still to come... Thanks so much to my lady Zanita for sharing this moment of happiness with me and capturating it for ages to come..

I know, she's amazing and so is her sense of style, which is sporty/casual but when worn by Zanita... elegant all the way and beyond! For more on this Australian beauty just check her blog on Felt.

WEARING: Enza Costa skirt available chez ENES & Jade - Hasselt, Zadig & Voltaire blouse, Miu Miu sandals thanks to Coccodrillo - Antwerp and Miu Miu sunglasses!

Yes indeed, it's picture overload, but what would you do with a dozen of great Zanita shots

Into the details... wearing truckloads of the lovely Neha Joyas accessories and my beloved purple Swatch.

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