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Door Tiany op 07/10/11

Because I just can't believe it's over, that temperatures have dropped down with about 15 degrees and that I mostly feel like just rolling my entire little self into our duvet -fashionably cinched at waist hight though  - I decided to totally ignore the weather situation and to just wear shorts... let me correct that: MY shorts. 

Ok, yes true, very true... I don't quite own model length stilts but hey, I'm totally over my Maradonna legs complex ever since Mister Tommy Ton himself photographed my quite muscular pair of lower limbs and had them put on I kid you not! In fact, now that the Kirilegs have gone global,  I'm considering some kind of insurance, very J Lo quoi?

So now that I apparently have it, I might as well just flaunt it in my beloved Kirilove by Vero Moda suède look shorts. Just totally perfect when paired with some tights and my comfy ACNE booties. And because a little self promo every once in a while just doesn't hurt... go get your shorties while they're hot! New truckloads of Kirlove by Vero Moda will be in by Tuesday... so go, go, go!

btw. these pics were taken after the sequel shoot of my Kirilove collection in Kopenhagen, so that exlplains my sassy make-up and the floaty hair... no unfortunately I still don't wake up looking totally rejuvenated.

Vero Moda top - Kirilove by Vero Moda shorts - Wolford tights - ACNE boots

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