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Door Tiany op 28/01/12

I've been wanting to share more of my adventures for quite a while now. So finally I decided you'll be getting an Instagram update each and every week... Added to that, some lovely tips of things to do during the weekend... 

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So this week was rather a rush, shooting wedding dresses for Flair, press conferences here, chocolate eating there, a pinch of fresh scents thanks to Jo Malone and my favorite press pack of the week: The Coke Light and Benefit goodie box. I'm certainly nog forgetting the emotions caused by the arrival of my new Delvaux Brillant Chaperon Rouge... which is totally exquisite and very me... soon more of that in a Kirilove outfitpost. It was also my week in Vero Moda as I had a lovely lunch with some journalists to celebrate part II of Kirilove... soon more.

I also had my round of dress-up with the mini me's and started working on my holiday album as otherwise all the lovely pics remain on my hard disc. So maybe we should start with that and maybe I should inspire you to bringing picture albums back...

Some tips for the weekend

*Hop in a car and get your booty to Brussels. Bobbi Brown just opened a store where you can find the entire collection and get truckloads of make-up tips & tricks. Click here for all the information you need. While you're at it have a small brunch at Chaff (Vossenplein) and do check out what the flea market has to offer.

*Bake a cake with your loved ones... I'd say chocolate... easy peasy that is. Or go for a relaxing bath and add some bath confetti for an extra soft feel afterwards.

*Follow the lights as they shine and look totally amazing on the historical facades of the city of Gent... It's Lights Festival Weekend, so check it out!

*Armswag is my favorite word of the moment and after ages, I've decided to refresh my macramé techniques... I promise you some friendship bracelets very soon! 

*Just in case you haven't got your Glam*It yet... go and get it, it's probably gonna be a collector's item and it's full of fun fashion. You can also try getting your Benefit make-up goodies by just surfing to as they are giving away great girlie stuff each and every hour.

*Looking forward to the Muppets movie next week and in the meantime trying to get my kids all hooked on Monster, Miss Piggy and Kermit

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