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#week33: KaftanKirilove

Hi, this is your pregnant nag speaking, trying to cut herself a little bit of slack like colleague A. suggested. Sweet and totally well intended, but then again she just doesn’t know what it feels like to carry...


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#week32: Preggosaurus X

Still 8 weeks to go, although I feel as if I were ready to pop any minute now… I’ve been suffering a bit lately, probably due to the insane heat wave that hit our country. Truth is that I have become pretty much...


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Pre Falling for Dorothee Schumacher

It’s sad but true and at the same time it’s totally ok I guess as I’m creating life… So I’m sure Dorothee will forgive me for not being able to attend Berlin Fashion Week and thus her ab fab...


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#week30: Yes, there's just one baby in there...

This week, I talk “finesse” when it comes to comments, as most people - very much unaware of it - tend to really annoy me, aka the big preggosaurus… and that often results in me letting out little emotional...


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#week29: 3rd trimester monster in me

Sorry it’s has been a while but I’ve been dealing with this major flu and a bit too much of a running around for a preggers woman. Not the ideal combination and thus the reason for my belated post. I’ve...


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BabyMoon: Part II

In a previous post I already told you why scheduling “you and your honey time" is such a necessity. Consider it as something you have to do on a yearly base and as a good investment in your relationship. My hubby and...


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24 hours of Barcelona with Mii

Press trips are totally exciting and a lovely side to what I do in life. I’ve had my share of amazing trips and experiences and during those trips I’ve been lucky enough to make great encounters, which are mostly...


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#week26: all whacked up!

I’m guessing the tummy inhabitant got annoyed when my flight to Madrid was cancelled past Wednesday due to a severe technical malfunction that impeded flights from landing and taking-off from Brussels Airport. It was...


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BabyMoon: Part I

There are things a woman has to do every once in a while and one of them is press the ESCAPE button. Reality is that we’re kind of stuck in a mad rat race and that time flies while you’re at it! Before you know it;...


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#25Weeks: starved or stuffed

No major complaints or discomforts I haven’t mentioned before have manifested themselves this week apart from my growing lower backaches, which can be a pain in the butt. Oh and how could I forget the cramps that have...


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#24Weeks on giving up my dressing

My dear colleague Sophie just reminded me of the fact that I still have 16 weeks to go! Many thanks Soof for the reality check and for reminding me once more that women are in fact 10 months pregnant (40 weeks) and not the...


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Monochrome Beige

Let’s be honest, there’s something totally irresistible about beige. It’s sophisticated, feminine, elegant and transcends so many trends & seasons. Over the years beige has become –along with every...


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