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Beetle*Juice & long legs

You can’t entirely refer to me as a petite, because being 1m73 is pretty ok for a girl like me, but lets face it, I wasn’t standing in line the moment God decided to hand out his share of never ending legs. So...


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African Wax & Tomboy shirts

While you are reading this, I’m sharing this precise outfit with the world in Hasselt, as it’s being exhibited in the Fashion Museum of Hasselt. Story is that they got in touch with me a couple of months ago with...


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It's that time of the year again that H&M joins forces with nature in order to create a beautiful collection that aims to spread consciousness about sustainable fashion. I’ve already had the chance to share 2...


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Sportmax Blue

It’s bare legs season again and you will not hear me complain. In fact I'm back to all smiles as I truly loathe tights, because I really never ever succeed in making them look good on me. Big thumbs up for spring and...


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Pretty in Pastels ...

When talking fashion I tend to be fearless, which of course often results in me wondering what I was thinking on occasion x, y or z to end up wearing this or that? But then again the wise words "it is better to have loved...


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A Super experience with Pitti Immagine

My February Milano visit was not only about shows & showrooms, but also about the encounter of some amazing brands during my Pitti Super adventures. An Italian Theory is probably one of my favorite discoveries as...


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I'm every woman

I’m a passionate working lady, devoted mother and wife, comprehensive friend, occasional bitch, a jack of all trades trying to fulfil a gazillion tasks at a time, but not always quite managing to achieve perfection...


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Louis Vuitton blues

I’ve always been a big fan of a total head to toe jeans look and I certainly have tihs little something for all things blue. My wardrobe is a mix & match of colors, very true, but I do have a serious collection...


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Conscious the sequel

H&M’s Conscious Collection initially started of as a rather small project, but over the years it has become a vast collection of amazing styles and luxurious looking frocks, worthy of a red carpet. This...


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Conscious Fashion is all you need...

I’ve always had a profound love for all things vintage and 2nd hand, not only because I often bump into the most unique items but also because of their ecological aspect… I just love the idea that things...


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MFW & the pleasant surprises...

One phone call suddenly changed my entire Friday morning agenda and what I thought would be an easy going day with a crew call at 1 for the Sportmax show ended up with me sitting in the make-up chair of some lovely Italian...


Fashion Weeks

The SEAT Savior

There are times when all the stars align and the heavens grant you a very welcome surprise! Just imagine having almost finished with travelling around the world, that crazy fashion marathon almost...


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