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BabyMoon: Part I

There are things a woman has to do every once in a while and one of them is press the ESCAPE button. Reality is that we’re kind of stuck in a mad rat race and that time flies while you’re at it! Before you know it;...


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#25Weeks: starved or stuffed

No major complaints or discomforts I haven’t mentioned before have manifested themselves this week apart from my growing lower backaches, which can be a pain in the butt. Oh and how could I forget the cramps that have...


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#24Weeks on giving up my dressing

My dear colleague Sophie just reminded me of the fact that I still have 16 weeks to go! Many thanks Soof for the reality check and for reminding me once more that women are in fact 10 months pregnant (40 weeks) and not the...


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Monochrome Beige

Let’s be honest, there’s something totally irresistible about beige. It’s sophisticated, feminine, elegant and transcends so many trends & seasons. Over the years beige has become –along with every...


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#23 weeks: on drooling & babymoons

Week 23 made me go bodycon and stripes... there's no more hiding The Bump :) WEARING: Pinko top & skirt A new feature to pregnant Kirilove has manifested itself this week: I’ve started drooling! I totally forgot...


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Flashback Friday: Sandra Mansour

Little flashback to Paris Fashion Week, the day I attended the Chanel show dressed in one of the most beautiful embroidered velvet blue kaftan dresses that I’ve ever seen. Designed by the Lebanese based Sandra Mansour,...


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#22Weeks dressing the bump

My colleague Michael noticed it earlier this week: I have officially become a heavy breather (another virtue of being pregnant!) and according to him I’ll probably end up dealing with swollen feet again. Can I press the...


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This week started great as I had an appointment with baby dear during my monthly check-up at the gynecologist. Baby is doing so far so good and apparently it enjoys being active as it keeps on bouncing around in my womb. For...


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Mini me number 3 has become really visible now and I can feel it humping around in my tummy. I missed that feeling, it’s so magical and it is pretty much the only part of being pregnant I adore. Right now, it’s like...


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My MUST HAVE Conscious Exclusive outfit!

Conscious Exclusive by H&M is about to hit stores and as I’ve already informed you about my love for this sustainable collection in a previous outfit post, I decided it to share my all time favorite outfit of the 2015...


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Kiriloves Conscious Exclusive by H & M

It has become a yearly tradition that I dedicate one or more posts to the Conscious Exclusive Collection by H & M. Over the years the collection has become more elaborate and each time I’m presented to it they manage...


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Michael Kors hits Brussels

My life has gotten that tad bit better as Michael Kors decided to open the doors to the brand new and very first Belgian boutique in Brussels (and yesterday one in Knokke too). I’ve expressed my love for the all-American...


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