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Tommy's Flower party

Best scenography during New York Fashion Week goes to Tommy Hilfiger who always manages to come up with the most beautiful decors. This time around Tommy completely blew our minds with a stellar field of beautiful colored...


Fashion Weeks

Stolen fashion heart

You’ve read a couple of short reviews on the shows I attended during fashion week. But in this post I decide to declare my love to my favorite NYFW brand! Yes true, Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim were totally divine...


Fashion Weeks

New York Fashion Week: the Kirilove files

"There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless …" Totally agree with Simone de Beauvoir on this! It’s over and out with the very 1st of fashion weeks, and to be honest it took me a while...


Fashion news

A lifetime on Keds

I was practically born on Keds, really! I spent my entire youth flaunting through life on them, so to me the iconic plimsoll shoe with it’s very recognizable blue tag on the back is not only pure nostalgia, but also part...


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Skinny Dipping

As usual, the first week of September turns out to be fantastic, weather wise that is so HURRAY for that! What according to me used to be a New York phenomenon has now also made its entrée in our country and so now we...


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Björn Borg Stockholm Diaries

Although rain poured down on us upon arrival in Stockholm, I can only conclude that one of my favorite cities in the world was good to me again. I was invited by Björn Borg to attend their homecoming, as it’s been 6...


Fashion news

For the Love of ERES...

I’m an ERES fan, always have been and always will, I remember being a fashionista without a revenue and even then I would drool over their swimwear and eventually spend my entire savings on one of their many beautiful and...


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Seaside Casual

I’m a seaside rat; I like spending my weekends at our Belgian coasts whatever the weather may be. It brings me peace of mind and the feeling of endless rest  & utter happiness. I enjoy the chillin’ out and...


Cult update

South Africa Diaries

There’s something about South Africa that will forever remain alive in my mind. I can’t really describe the feeling…I can only say that I have finally found a place where I want to grow old; take it as my...


Fashion news


I like colors FULL STOP! Always have and even though I’m currently going through a black phase, I still tend to stay in touch with the bright side of myself. Especially when retro silhouettes are involved, which pretty...


Fashion news

Discovering Secret Places by Louis Vuitton

Every once in a while a girl gets lucky as Louis Vuitton decides to invite her to the very source where magic happens and the prettiest and most desirable creations are conceived. To insiders it’s known as the so-called...


Fashion news

Kiriloves Elle Belgium

My days of 24/7 hanging around with family and friends have almost come to an end and to be honest, I’m gonna suffer again of not having the mini's and my hubby around me all the time. I know I’ll have to go...


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