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Seaside Casual

  I’m a seaside rat; I like spending my weekends at our Belgian coasts whatever the weather may be. It brings me peace of mind and the feeling of endless rest  & utter happiness. I enjoy the chillin’...


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South Africa Diaries

There’s something about South Africa that will forever remain alive in my mind. I can’t really describe the feeling…I can only say that I have finally found a place where I want to grow old; take it as my...


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I like colors FULL STOP! Always have and even though I’m currently going through a black phase, I still tend to stay in touch with the bright side of myself. Especially when retro silhouettes are involved, which pretty...


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Discovering Secret Places by Louis Vuitton

Every once in a while a girl gets lucky as Louis Vuitton decides to invite her to the very source where magic happens and the prettiest and most desirable creations are conceived. To insiders it’s known as the so-called...


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Kiriloves Elle Belgium

My days of 24/7 hanging around with family and friends have almost come to an end and to be honest, I’m gonna suffer again of not having the mini's and my hubby around me all the time. I know I’ll have to go...


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What to wear to WECANDANCE '14

Festival season kicked in like a bomb with our magnificent Belmodo experience at Werchter. But this summer has so much more to look forward to and 1 of my favorites is WCD14. WCD stands for WECANDANCE (yes we can), this...


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Stellar Stella McCartney flowers

There’s no way of hiding my affection for Stella McCartney’s to-die-for attire and lucky me Smets in Brussels stocks quit a great deal of her creations… I know her frocks tend to come with a price tag, but I...


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Self Portrait Studio Lovin'

Please let there be lace and truckloads of sparkles and endless amounts of pretty looking pumps and all those sweet things that make a girl’s life just that tad bit more interesting… but foremost… please let...


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Greek Goddess allures

Every once in a while a dash of elegance & glamour is required … don’t you think? Inspired by the classy beauty of the Haute Couture shows in Paris I decided to dedicate this post to this beautiful By Malene...


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Back 2 Black

True, I’m a color lovin’ lady, but this Dodo Bar Or black leather ensemble had me drooling from the minute I caught sight of it. The amounts of compliments that succeeded from my black leather adventures were...


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Introducing The Cube by Max Mara

I guess our Belgian skies are still weeping because our Belgian team did not manage to make the world cup half finals; this is I trying to be romantic about our Belgian weather, which pretty much consists of grey & rainy...


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Fiesta Favella

The one vague memory I have of my experience, as a kid in the Rio de Janeiro favella’s is the mix of vibrant colors and brick houses. I can also recall the shortest lengths of skirts & shorts ever, for real. I guess...


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