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Mini me number 3 has become really visible now and I can feel it humping around in my tummy. I missed that feeling, it’s so magical and it is pretty much the only part of being pregnant I adore. Right now, it’s like...


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My MUST HAVE Conscious Exclusive outfit!

Conscious Exclusive by H&M is about to hit stores and as I’ve already informed you about my love for this sustainable collection in a previous outfit post, I decided it to share my all time favorite outfit of the 2015...


Fashion news

Kiriloves Conscious Exclusive by H & M

It has become a yearly tradition that I dedicate one or more posts to the Conscious Exclusive Collection by H & M. Over the years the collection has become more elaborate and each time I’m presented to it they manage...


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Michael Kors hits Brussels

My life has gotten that tad bit better as Michael Kors decided to open the doors to the brand new and very first Belgian boutique in Brussels (and yesterday one in Knokke too). I’ve expressed my love for the all-American...


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Breaking news: my belly finally decided to pop! As we speak, I’m 19 weeks and counting and until recently the little munchkin in me was quite invisible … But here it is and from now on I’ll be amusing...


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Red Jalapeño Kirilove

This is still a little flash from the past of me during Paris Fashion Week. I think I was going through week 15 of my pregnancy, I had just left the nausea moments behind me and I was still pretty much comfy in a size...


Fashion Weeks

Dries and his magical feathers...

Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and going into VISA overkill every little once in a while is just one of those things us females are destined to do. It was the winter of 2013 (seems like ages ago)...


Fashion Weeks

The dog days are over!

There’s a reason I skipped New York and that pretty much has to do with the nauseas I’m having because of the little munchkin inside of me. I also have to admit that I’ve been dead tired and thus pulling...


Fashion Weeks


I love overcoats; in fact I love layers and just adore the way overcoats make your outfit look totally complete while keeping you warm. This pretty coat is one of the many I own, alongside a vast collection of blazers and...


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Tangerine Tiany

When I'm in Milan, one of my must-visit shopping stops are the Max Mara and Sportmax temples at the Corso Vittorio Emanuele… nearby Duomo and at the Via della Spiga. To me it’s fashion heaven and the place to...


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Kiriloves Natan Couture

Those of you that have been following me for a while know that I have an affinity for our Belgian talents and that I always commit to wearing something Made in Belgium during my Fashion Week escapades. Our little country is...


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Long frocks are my current fashion crush! Not only because they’re elegant and ultra feminine, but also because in the end they’re also comfy and wearable with both flats and stiletto heels. They’re also...


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