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Eddy Anemian x H&M in stores now

Get ready to be wowed again with another outfit from Eddy Anemian. I've been sharing my love for this years H&M Design Award winner in previous articles "Eddy Anemian: a new couture king" and "Eddy...


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Lady Kirilove

I like ladylike and elegant, certainly when I see it on the likes of style icons & street style sweethearts such as the Italian Eleonora Carisi, who is according to me the epitome of femininity. I from my side often end up...


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Wild Life & Maruti

I’ve never met a leopard print I didn’t like! That said, I bumped into these Maruti Gimlet leopard print shoes and could not resist. My fashion heart totally melted when I found out that these comfy & lovely...


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The Smets x Kenzo love affair

There’s no use in trying to hide my great affection for fashion heaven Smets, which is according to me the most on trend and distinguished shop in the near surroundings of Belgium. Their selection of clothes and...


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Eddy Anemian x H&M ... part II

In the article "Eddy Anemian: new king of couture" you could read that the up and coming fashion designer Eddy Anemian is the winner of this year’s H&M Design Award. I already posted an outfit from his...


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More is Love...

On this Tuesday, I decide to introduce you to one of my current favorite online web shops… ENTER More is Love. Not only because they stock absolutely fabulous and original brands such as Tata Naka, Crystalline, David...


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Tiny in New York

I survived 3 fashion metropolises in the past couple of weeks, travelled with less than 24 kilograms of luggage each time and totally refrained from shopping… I kid you not! I have worn quite some outfits, all...


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Eddy Anemian: new king of couture

A new king of couture has been born! Back in January, during Stockholm fashion week, Eddy Anemian was crowned the winner of H&M's global Design Award 2014. This annual prize launched in 2012 was conceived...


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Parisian Love Affair...

I’ve had this love affair with this outstanding Parisian, which over the years has wowed me with timeless classics with a twist. I’m not referring to some handsome male bearded exemplar (I have this thing for...


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Zalando Summer House musing

I have a closet filled to the notch with full skirts and I somehow can’t refrain from buying them … Once again totally the case with this Cool skirt by Italian brand Flive. It was love at first sight, as I...


Fashion Weeks

Tommy's Flower party

Best scenography during New York Fashion Week goes to Tommy Hilfiger who always manages to come up with the most beautiful decors. This time around Tommy completely blew our minds with a stellar field of beautiful colored...


Fashion Weeks

Stolen fashion heart

You’ve read a couple of short reviews on the shows I attended during fashion week. But in this post I decide to declare my love to my favorite NYFW brand! Yes true, Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim were totally divine...


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