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Lost 'n Found

Every blogger is entitled to a “Lost n’ Found” post, which in my case pretty much means that it was always on my mind, but that a lack of time delayed the entire process of posting. As you may or may not know,...


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Every now and then a girl is entitled to an awesome once in a lifetime experience in some breathtaking beautiful country.  I’m talking about yours truly and the magnificent trip I made to South Africa, the country I...


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Modern Woman Troubles

Some of you believe I'm some kind of hybrid of Wonder Woman, Elastigirl and Sarah Connor, some of you think I have been cloned or that an identical Kirilove twin takes over every once in a while. Hell yeah I’ve even...


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Bosom Confessions

For years I struggled with the fact that I’m pretty much flat - Table Mountain flat - if you understand what I mean. Only twice in my life have I been able to enjoy the glee of having what you call a cleavage! And...


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Introducing Pichulik

In my search to all the beautiful things that are out there I bumped into jewelry brand Pichulik created by Katherine Mary Pichulik who is mostly inspired by her travels to tons of beautiful places on this planet called earth....


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Letter to Tory Burch

Dear Tory Burch, I’ve been contemplating your collections for quite some seasons. I’ve been falling in love over and over again with your effortless ways of mixing and matching textures, colors and prints. I totally...


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Orange IS the new black

A bit inspired by the Netflix series of the age, I decided to wear my vintage Rue Blanche catsuit during one of the many Paris Fashion Week days. I however did transform my onesie into a pair of pants, guess part of me wanted...


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New BRAND alert

Sunnies rock my world and over the years my collection has grown tremendously. True that, I wear optical glasses, but I refuse to stick to just one pair of optical sunnies, so when I’m doing sunglasses I just see life a...


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One of my all time favorite US brands is without a doubt 3.1 Phillip Lim. My obsession for these designer frocks started with me, myself and I... falling helplessly in love with this green teddy biker jacket, which I...


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& Other Stories Love

It will not come as a surprise that also I have this elaborated addiction to the Swedish goodness of & Other Stories. My little crush started with my first visit to their Stockholm based store and became an unconditional...


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Winter pastels on Zalando

We’ve gone from a so-called Indian Summer to a real state of hibernation, well at least I have and because this weather is threatening to launch me into some gloomy state of mind, I have decided to rely on...


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I came, I saw… I Wang-ed BAM!

I’m currently a 13-hour distant flight from my little Belgium and by the time I wake up tomorrow, chances are that you’ll have devoured the entire Alexander Wang for H&M collection. I know I would…. Trust...


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